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MIB Master 2022-23
Presentation Day

April 21 st 2022 6:00 pm

MIB holds a Virtual Presentation Day to help prospective students learn about this outstanding international program. It will be the opportunity to introduce the contents, the staff, listen to the Alumni experience and answer any and all questions about the MIB experience.

Joining the event you will be able to listen:

  1. The Career Journey of our Alumni.
  2. More about the Courses
  3. The students life
  4. The beauty of the Campus
  5. Practical Work Activities (Business Talks, Field Works, Internships)
  6. Your future Career and more
  7. The admission process

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MIB Master 2022-23 Presentation day, April 21st 2022, 6 PM.

Please register to secure your virtual seat and have the great opportunity to meet our top Alumni.

Guest Speakers

Alberto Leanza

MIB Regular 2017/18

Co-Founder, Wicket Events

Carla Caserta

MIB Regular 2015/16

HR Sourcing & Recruiting Specialist, Boston Consulting Group

Paolo Buratta

MIB Executive 2019/20

EMEA Merchant Risk Analyst, PayPal

Alejandra Sandoval Medina

MIB Regular 2012/13

Account Manager, Baufest

Diletta Guasti

MIB Regular 2020/21

PPS & Digital Management, Henkel

Aditya Bhoite

MIB Regular 2017/18

Group Marketing and Communications Manager, T.O. Delta

İdil Tuşgul

MIB Executive 2018/19

Budget and Reporting Manager, Boyner Group

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