Business Network

Business Network

Career opportunities & professional recognition

One of the original features of MIB Master in International Business concerns the tight cooperation established with more than one hundred partner firms worldwide aiming to help businesses and organizations improve their competitiveness and capability to penetrate international markets by effectively exploiting knowledge and skills that reside within the know-how and expertise offered by the MIB Partner Universities.

The relationship between a company and MIB facilitates the transfer of most updated knowledge and best practices that can help partner firms to improve and/or accelerate their internationalisation process. One of the main aspects of this partnership is represented by the support provided to firms in selecting qualified resources that can be tested during the practical work activities offered by MIB.

A dedicated agreement allows companies joining the project to be relieved from all burdens in terms of insurance and social security matters regarding participants. The company will therefore receive a well-trained student with excellent knowledge and skills regarding internationalisation activities and a good command of the languages spoken in the target market. MIB students on average come from more than 12 countries, speak several languages fluently, are about 25 years old.

Since the first weeks of the programme, students will visit company premises, will meet and will be trained by dozens of guest speakers. This will not only help being selected for a Practical Work Activity, but also understanding how to customize your CV for each firm and simulating hiring interviews.

MIB enjoys the preferential support of a Business Network which includes: