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The Master in International Business offers a branched path.

All admitted students will take part to the MIB Fast Track, a twelve-months, full-time programme composed of three teaching periods. It delivers up to 70 CFU and a “Master universitario di I livello” diploma (level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework – EQF).

The MIB Master offers three modular configurations, outlined below:

Program Brochure

MIB Fast Track

12-15 months (depending on the duration of the Internship), full-time programme (up to 70 learning credits)


Classes (SEPT-DEC)
1st. Quarter Exams (within DEC)


Classes and Field work (JAN-APR)
2nd.Quarter Exams (within APR)


Internship (from May onwards) 

Final Test (within the expected graduation date/Summer of the following year)

MIB International Focus Experience

15 months, full-time programme (up to 100 learning credits)


Classes (SEPT-DEC)
1st. Quarter Exams (within DEC)


Classes and Field work (JAN-APR)
2nd. Quarter Exams (within APR)


Internship (from May onwards) 

Final Test (within the expected graduation date/Summer of the following year)

Once completed the MIB Fast Track:


International Focus Experience (IFE) during a fourth period at a Partner University in main market areas worldwide, or at UCSC on a major internationalization-related topic.

MIB Master Level Track

24 months (1 year specialization abroad, post MIB Year 1), full-time programme (up to 120 credits)

Year 1 at UCSC, Milan


Classes (SEPT-DEC)
1st. Quarter Exams (within DEC)


Classes and Field work (JAN-APR)
2nd. Quarter Exams (within APR)


Internship (from May onwards) 

Final Test (within the expected graduation date/Summer of the following year)

Once completed the MIB Fast Track:

Please, note that the schedule may be likely different according to each single partner University.

Classes at a Partner University (*Depending on the Partner Universities Academic Calendar)

Project Work

Fast Track

MIB Regular On campus

1. Lectures: 12 core courses taking place from Wednesday to Friday (generally from 10 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 5 PM);

2. Business Talks: business executives are regular guests, thus ensuring the relevance and practicality of our management education. This activity is spread all over the quarter I, generally taking place on Mondays and Tuesdays from October to December.

3. Field Work: activity carried out in small groups, focused on projects designed and coached by partner firms. This activity is spread all over the quarter II, generally taking place on Mondays and Tuesdays from January to April;

4. Internship which should last at least 500 hours; This activity is spread all over the quarter III from May until the end of the internship project.

5. Final exam: preparation, presentation and discussion of a Final Report based on the internship project. Students will be able to access one of three different sessions organised every year.

International Focus Experience

MIB Regular On campus

MIB International Focus Experience is a fifteenth-month, full-time programme. Students have the opportunity of participating in the International Focus Experience (IFE) during a fourth period at a Partner University (in different countries) in main market areas worldwide, or at UCSC on a major internationalization-related topic.

During the MIB Fast track, students will be able to consider the opportunity to follow the MIB International track, which implies the fourth quarter either abroad or in Italy.
Some of the current options available for the International track are Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), Dominican University of California.
The network of relationship with foreign Universities is constantly expanding.

The goal of International Track is putting together an international experience with an opportunity to get a specialized knowledge which is offered by the partner university.

Master Level Track

MIB Regular On campus

(Degree – “Master universitario di I livello” at the end of Year 1 and MSc. – or equivalent degree – at the end of Year 2) is a two-year, full time programme. Students can choose to concentrate on a regional or broader international focus of study within a global business framework. The second year of studies takes place at a Partner University. It offers a unique opportunity of studying and working abroad. Students will learn about social and business trends shaping this new environment and get a broad picture of a global reality full of new opportunities. The Master Level Track delivers up to 120 ECTS credits.



Nationalities represented in class


Average age


Years of work experience


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University recognized by Italian law
  • A common good command of the English language is essential.
  • The potential candidates should be interested in international career developments
MIB Regular On campus

Programme Objectives

The MIB Regular On campus, Master in International Business provides a relevant training experience that allows participants to join the next wave of dynamic business leaders. It is a master programme that will train you to have the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace, and it is a highly intensive learning experience, involving extensive participation and interaction among all participants.


The programme consists of two main phases. In the first phase, students will deal with economic and legal issues of internationalization, learning principal management techniques used in international companies (in particular SMEs) and key methodologies for research and consulting. During the second phase, students will implement research and consulting projects in collaboration with companies.

32 CFU Management Area

  1. International Finance
  2. International Banking
  3. International Business Strategy and International Entrepreneurship
  4. International Marketing
  5. International Brand Management
  6. Economic and Financial Analysis
  7. International People Management

8 CFU Economics Area

  1. Industrial Economics
  2. International Economics

8 CFU Quantitative Area

  1. Global Supply Chain Management
  1. Legal system and International Contract Law

4 CFU Cross-Disciplinary Area

  1. Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence

14 CFU Practical Work Activities

  1. Field Work 2 CFU
  2. Internship 10 CFU
  3. Final Exam (Report and Presentation) 2 CFU

Practical Work Activities

Field Work

As a part of the Practical Work Activities, MIB Regular students are assigned different tasks and projects by MIB partner companies, to be carried out in groups, monitored by an Academic Tutor, and coached directly by members of the company, market experts, and/or consultants.

Business Talks

This activity, spread out throughout the first term, is aimed at allowing students to get to know the dynamics of successful businesses within several different industries. Business Talks are designed as in-class “conferences” in which experts from different companies present their business, allowing students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of both Italian and international business realities. Each session is preceded and followed by class “briefing” and “de-briefing” sessions, which prepare students and help them interact and engage with the professionals.

Company Visit

Company visits are an effective Company visits, offered to both MIB Regular and Executive students, are an extremely effective way to observe professionals in the real environment and settings in which they operate. MIB Staff organizes several visits to the most significant Italian businesses and companies operating worldwide.

Learning Labs & Seminars

In addition to core courses and Practical Work Activities (PWA), the MIB program offers Learning Labs & Seminars (resume building, Excel, etc.) to enhance students’ expertise in the fields of innovation management and business topics, especially in emerging areas and evolving industries.


during the last quarter of the MIB Regular On campus Master’s programme, students will be engaged in a curricular internship (for 3 to
6 months, at least 500 hours). Before that,
they will follow a dedicated path for their
career development.

The Future

The aim of the programme is to offer MIB students a diverse career, providing the opportunity to work in varied roles and geographies.

Large Multinational Enterprises

Students being able to work efficiently in multicultural teams may find placement in a large number of functional areas by practicing management skills in the international arena.

Consulting Companies

A large number of consulting projects are oriented to support the multinationals in the management phase of their international positioning and efficient integration of their network of subsidiaries worldwide. The Master in International Business prepares students for projects related to cross border management.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Graduates in International Business will be able to fill the role of Business Development Manager and/or Export Manager. They will be able to identify and select international market opportunities by understanding and capturing the added value through export strategies or other entry modes.

Government agencies and NGOs

The MIB also focuses on the applied economics and on the economic policies. The practical study of the role played in global business by governments and supranational institutions help International Business students to become preferential candidates for covering positions in government agencies and NGOs operating on international scale.

Main Job Profiles

Business Manager, Supply Manager, Financial Manager, Business Analyst, Logistic Manager, Managing Consultant, Import-Export Manager, Entrepreneur.

Our Business Network

  • 3M
  • Accenture
  • Brembo
  • Campari
  • Google
  • Expedia
  • LinkedIn
  • LVMH
  • Microsoft
  • Moleskine
  • Netflix
  • Paypal
  • Sky
  • Spotify
  • Udinese Calcio
  • UPS
  • discover all


Domestic Students

Candidates holding an Italian Bachelor Degree or another academic title issued by an Italian University are required to fill in the on-line application form.
Deadline for applications is September 4th, 2024.
Students wishing to be considered for the Early Bird scholarship will be required to send the documents within May 15th 2024.

International Students

Candidates holding a non-Italian Bachelor Degree should apply here. Visit the UCSC International website

Deadline: June 28th , 2024


Domestic Students September 4th 2024
International Students June 28th 2024


The selection process for admission to the MIB Regular On campus is based on the materials received. The applicant will receive a written communication by email regarding his/her definitive admission to MIB.

A maximum score of 100 points is available. Out of these, a maximum of 25 points are accredited for each of the following qualifications:

  1. Consistency of the previous studies and post bachelor degree working experiences (if any) with the objectives of the Master outline;
  2. Statement of motivation;
  3. Certified or tested (if required) English Language Proficiency;
  4. Marks/Grades obtained in previous studies.

The applicant must have at least 60 out of a total of 100 points to be admitted to the course.

Maximum number of participants is 60.

Tuition Fees

Fast Track + Optional Tracks


Early Bird

The Early Bird application advantage scheme grants up to 10 € 3,000.00 scholarships to MIB candidates applying earlier than May 15th 2024 holding an Italian Bachelor Degree and completing the enrollment procedure within 5 working days, after receiving the confirmation of admission by email.


A discount of € 500 on the third installment will be provided to students who have achieved their previous studies in Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and who have subscribed to the premium services “Alumni UCSC”. The discount is valid only for students who are members of the Alumni community before enrolling in the master. 

Financial Aid

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore offers some possibilities of financial aid to applicants holding a Bachelor degree issued by an Italian University:

  1. Prestito d’onore, in collaboration with Banca Intesa (only for EU citizens).
  2. Full and partial academic scholarships may be awarded. Eligible candidates to apply for the scholarships are only those who have passed the selection process and are admitted to the MIB programme. (only for Italian citizens)
  3. Some Italian Regions offer Scholarship opportunities for resident citizens (i.e. Regione Molise and Regione Puglia).
  4. Banks in most countries offer low-interest loans for post-graduate education.

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